Chaotic Brush

Chaotic Brush Rules

The Chaotic Brush will award trophies and prizes for Blood Bowl hobbyists. There will be several different categories, and the models do not have to be models that you are using in the tournament (in fact, we encourage not to submit the team you are playing so it can be displayed throughout the tournament). We want to see the best you have to offer on display. We plan to have nice pictures taken of all the entries and put an album of them online for the rest of the world to see the work of all the amazing painters that come to the tournament.

Even if you feel like you aren't the best painter in the world please consider entering this competition, Blood Bowl coaches really like to see what others have done, and they may think more highly of your work then you do.

There is no additional charge for the painting competition, but you do have to be participating in the Chaos Cup Blood Bowl tournament to submit a model for the Chaotic Brush.

  • All entries must be the work of the person entering them, and be presented in person.
  • All entries must have an entry form filled out for them and submitted by 5:15 on the Saturday of Chaos Cup (but please try to get these submitted earlier if possible).
  • All entries that are being played with in the tournament must be on the painting table between games 5 & 6.  
  • Only 2 entries per person please.
  • Entry must meet base size restrictions so we have room for everyone. You will be asked to pick a category, but the judges may decide it is a better fit in another category. If that is the case they will discuss it with you.

Awards to be given out:

  • Best Painted Team (Best team from the Team category)
  • Best Painted Single Blood Bowler (Best model from the Single Blood Bowler category)
  • Best Theme (Team that shows the most fun, creative theme)
  • Judges' choice (Best entry that didn't win any other awards)
  • Best Impact Miniature Entry (Entry into any category that is produced by Impact Miniatures)

Check in for models will take place between rounds on Saturday.  All models that are to be considered in the painting competition must have an entry form filled out for them on site. You will be asked to choose one category for your entry to compete in.

We would like to have as many entries as possible on display throughout the tournament. If you intend to enter models that you are using at the tournament that is fine, we will ask that you fill out an entry form on Day one of the event, so we know to look for you. You will also be required to get these models to the table before the lunch break begins on Day 2.

On Sunday, all entries that are being played with will be asked to be on display at 11:15 at the end of Round 5. Voting will begin throughout the lunch break starting at 11:30.

Everyone attending the tournament will be given a voting sheet. If they choose to vote they will submit their choice for the best entry for each category. This will make up 50% of the decision.

There will also be a group of qualified painting judges that will make up the other 50%. Winners of each category will be announced before the awards for the tournament winners. All entries must be collected before leaving the venue.