Venue: Holiday Inn Express, Palatine IL

Hotel and Ballroom

Holiday Inn Express Palatine has been the home of Chaos Cup since 2012 and has served as an excellent venue for both the tournament and hosting our travelers.  Staying at the hotel for the tournament offers the unique privilege of having a venue for Saturday night entertainment such as board games, Blood Bowl 7's, SRG Supershow, and lots of food delivery!  BYOB but make sure you can make it to Sunday's games! 

The hotel is located right down the street from the expressway and is surrounded by plenty of places for Friday and Saturday night activities.  It also has a spacious lobby and table area that in years past has been packed on Friday night with board gamers.

The large ballroom has also allowed us to host vendor tables and the Chaotic Brush painting competition.


There's a limited block of rooms available Friday-Monday at a special rate of $87 per night.  Use code CSC to book by calling 847-934-4900 or clicking below.

1550 E Dundee Rd Palatine IL 60074 

Tournament: September 15-16