Welcome to the lands of Chaos and Friday Night SE7ENS at CHAOS CUP 2019!!!

This event will be the hors d'oeuvres before Saturday and Sunday's main course. The Gods of Chaos want chaos on the pitch and they shall have it.

Total of Three Rounds Starting at 8pm (final location will be provided before the event).

Trophies will be awarded for the following: FIRST PLACE, Most Casualties and Most Touchdowns will be awarded by Jack from Maelstrom Gaming Mats and Stunty Cup and the Wooden Spoon will be awarded by James from the Two Drunk Flings & Friends Podcast.


You will build your team using the current Blood Bowl Sevens Rule Set which can be found here:

Teams may be purchased using 600,000 GC
MAX of 4 Positionals and NO MORE than 11 Players with NO Star Players
There will be no traditional Re-Rolls to Purchase
*The only inducements available are the Halfling Master Chef and Bribes for Goblins
*You may allocate the following skills to any non-positional; 2 Regular Skills and 2 Mutations


All matches will be played using a variation on the CHAOS TEMPLE BLOOD BOWL PITCH
*Until a casualty occurs, footing becomes more treacherous as demonic entities grasp at the player's feet making GFI's fail on a 1-2 and succeeding only on a 3+.
*Once a casualty has occurred, the remainder of the game will be played in Sweltering Heat

*By the flip of a coin or the roll of a dice, one of two balls will be used for EACH kickoff;

The DAEMONIC BALL (ball with metal face and spikes)
(Before making any attempt to Pick-up this ball, roll a D6. On a roll of 1 the player quails in fear from the Daemonic thing and refuses to touch it. This does not cause a Turnover, but the ball will scatter as normal. Additionally, when a player carrying the Daemonic Ball ends their movement, and if no pass action has yet been made this turn, roll a D6. On a roll of 1 the player must attempt to pass the ball to another player on their team if possible or to an empty square if no friendly players are in passing range. Finally, whenever this ball comes to rest after scattering, roll a D6. On a roll of a 6 the ball splits, weakening the dark enchantment and allowing the bound daemon to break free. For the remainder of the drive treat the ball as a normal, regulation Blood Bowl ball.)

The ORB of DARK MAJESTY (ball on fire)
(Chaos Chosen teams will often make use of artefacts of power and icons of the Chaos Gods as balls. Infused with baleful energies, such balls are hideous to behold and all but the strongest of will can find themselves transfixed by a dark influence, losing their free will and succumbing to that of the Chaos Chosen's patrons. Any player carrying an Orb of Dark Majesty gains the Really Stupid skill. If they already are Really Stupid, they are unaffected by the influence of the Dark gods.)

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***IN ADDITION***   Special Guest Referee ... 


Lord Borak has been sent by the Chaos Gods to ensure that all matches are chaos personified. Lord Borak will turn a blind eye on any and all foul attempts. This will enable you to foul more than once on your turn ... however ... Lord Borak DOES NOT LIKE TO BE DISAPPOINTED and if you fail to remove your intended victim from the pitch either as a KO or a KILL, one of your own players at random immediately becomes stunned.

Lord Borak will be represented at this event by his new Forgeworld Model which will be painted up before the event by Liam Johnson of the Two Drunk Flings & Friends Podcast. The winner of this event will take him home as a prize!!!

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